Rediscover EngineEars with our Brand New Dashboards!

Rediscover EngineEars with our Brand New Dashboards!

We’re excited to unveil the new and improved updates to your EngineEars dashboard as a Audio Engineer & Studio Profile, designed to prioritize what matters most to your business! With our revamped dashboards, get an overview of your schedule, track how your projects are growing over time, check your reviews, and stay up to date with all your actions on the platform.

engineears-dashboard-engineer dashboard

Get a clear picture of your success.

See your journey on the platform from a bird’s eye view. Metrics on EngineEars help you see trends and make conscious decisions about your business. Use the different filters to take a look at different aspects of your business such as project bookings, sessions booked for studios, and gross income (Profile Visits and the ability to run META ads directly from your profile will be available soon!)


Stay on track with projects!

At a glance, know what’s upcoming and priority with your business,  pending requests and upcoming deadlines where you can quickly check on them.


Celebrate your Achievements.

Track your progress towards goals and discover new ways to earn badges that showcase your expertise on your profile. See when you’re Trending and get max visibility on your profiles!


Showcase your work with ease.

Manage your Muso.AI credits seamlessly and keep your portfolio effortlessly up-to-date.

Boost your team efficiency.

Manage your studio team directly from the dashboard. Invite and remove members, communicate with them, and stay in sync.

This update empowers you to focus on what you do best – creating amazing audio experiences.
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