Updated Navigation + Search Breakdown – Platform Update

Our search engine is a powerful tool that leads you to the best professional talent of the industry at a price you’ll love. With our latest update to navigation we’ve brought that power to the forefront, find your next engineer or studio with ease from the top of the page! Filter through engineers and studios based on location , find engineers who’ve worked with your favorite artists, select an engineer based on the service you’re looking for, and many more options right at your fingertips.


Verified Credits Search

Want to work with an engineer who worked with an A-List artist such as Lil’ Wayne or Drake? On EngineEars you can do that! In the search bar type in the artist you’re interested in, select their filter and you can see engineers that have verified work with that artist. Through our partnership with Muso.AI our engineers have industry backed credentials. Now you can be confident that the quality that you’re looking for will be met!

Note for Engineers: To take advantage of this search method be sure to add Muso Verified Credits to your profile! Learn how to set them up here: Adding Muso Verified Credits to your EngineEars Profile.


Location Search

Whether you’re looking for a place to record or an engineer who mixes/masters you can find something local to you and get the creativity flowing! Type in a location and choose your filter, or for studios/recording engineers you can use the map view and look for what’s around!


Advanced Filters

Grill down to exactly what you’re looking for with filters such as budget, genres, and services. Find your perfect engineer through filters or if all else fails to find your sound, try using our patented EngineEars AI feature “Find My Engineer” to put your song in and find an engineer who has worked on music similar to yours.


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