Mastering Growth: Session Recall 2023

Mastering Growth: Session Recall 2023

At EngineEars our goal is to improve the industry by creating a standard for all modern day audio engineers and music creatives, providing our community with the tools we need to succeed!

So you got your Session Recall graphics, and you’re feeling yourself!

Well, you should be! 

But now comes the time to make sure the world sees your greatness!

Don’t know what to say? We got you! Use these templates below to help you generate ideas on what to post.

Engaging Caption Examples:

“Thrilled to share my 2023 EngineEars Session Recall! 🎚️🎉 This year has been a tremendous journey, from mastering [# of Projects] projects to collaborating with amazing artists. Let’s keep cooking together! 🎶 #EngineEars #AudioEngineerLife #sessionrecall2023

“#Proud to be an EngineEars Verified Engineer and to have completed [# of Projects] this year. Ready to take on more mixing and mastering challenges. DM me to start our next project! 🎧 #EngineEars #StudioLife #sessionrecall”

“Our studio has had some fantastic artists and dope people come through, and our walls are still vibrating with big energy. Book with us today, and let’s keep the wave going. #studiolife #enginears

“#EngineerLife completed [#] Projects this year! 🚀 Huge shoutout to all my collaborators and @EngineEars for making this possible. Who’s ready to work? 🙌 #SessionRecall2023”

“Just got my @EngineEars #SessionRecall! Proud of the [# of Projects] projects mixed and mastered this year. Big thanks to my collaborators for trusting me with their sound. Ready for the next project! 🎚️💥 #AudioEngineer #MusicProduction”

Caption for LinkedIn: “Reflecting on a remarkable year with [# of Projects] projects completed thanks to @EngineEars. Each collaboration has been a stepping stone in my journey as an audio engineer. Looking forward to more dynamic projects in 2024! #AudioEngineering #ProfessionalGrowth #AudioEngineer #MusicProduction”

Tell your story through content:

  • Create a series of posts detailing specific projects or milestones highlighted in your Session Recall. Remember to tag your collaborators!
  • Share behind-the-scenes stories or challenges you overcame during these projects and 2023.

Engage with your audience:

  • Respond to ALL comments and messages about your Session Recall graphics.
  • Encourage discussions by asking followers about their favorite project or collaboration of yours.

Networking and collaboration calls:

  • Use your graphics as a conversation starter for networking on LinkedIn and other professional platforms.
  • Are you on Linkedin? (You should be)
  • Include a call-to-action in your posts, inviting potential collaborators or clients to reach out.

Email marketing:

  • Send a newsletter to your mailing list with your Session Recall graphic and a summary of your year’s work.
  • If you do not have a mailing list, send it to clients you didn’t tag on social media or leads who never started a project with you.
  • Offer exclusive deals or consultations for new projects.

Creating a highlight reel:

  • Compile a video or slideshow of your best work from the year, incorporating your Session Recall stats.
  • Share this on YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Titktok, and Facebook.

Leveraging blog posts or medium articles:

  • Write an article reflecting on your achievements and learnings from the past year, embedding your Session Recall graphics.
  • Remember to link to us! in your post
  • Share insights or tips for upcoming engineers, positioning yourself as a thought leader.

Utilizing LinkedIn for professional growth:

  • Post your graphics on LinkedIn with a professional reflection on your growth and goals.
  • Engage with other professionals in the comments to build your network.

Partner with Influencers:

  • Collaborate with music bloggers or influencers to feature your Session Recall and story.

Creating a Portfolio Update:

  • Update your EngineEars profile with your latest Session Recall graphics, showcasing your yearly achievements.
 Example user shown: Shanethompsonmusic


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