Streamline projects on EngineEars with upgrades to how you book!

Streamline projects on EngineEars with upgrades to how you book!

EngineEars is constantly striving to improve the user experience on the platform, and with our updates to booking we’ve made it simpler to go from booking to payment!

Traditionally, booking an audio engineering project involved multiple steps that could extend over several days, if not weeks. From initial contact to finalizing project details, the cumbersome process often led to delays and potential loss of business. Recognizing these pain points, we have constantly worked to redefine the booking process to offer a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly solution.

Everything you need at a glance!

Improved UI for project booking.

When booking projects you are now able to handle project parameters, naming, and payment all from one simplified screen!

Alongside your alternate versions we have now allowed clients to order Dolby Atmos Mixing at booking (Service Type must be Full-Stems Mixing, and the engineer must offer Dolby Atmos Mixing Services). Now you can order all versions necessary for your song to be released with one order!

Bookings Unique to you!

Unique Generate booking links that can be updated once sent.

With our Generate Booking feature the goal is always to help you get your projects in flight faster while getting a client on to the platform. With this update we’ve overhauled the booking experience to make it that much easier for you and the client to get on the same page.

We’ve updated generate booking links so that when sending a link to a client you will no longer need to regenerate links when making changes to project details! Update prices, titles, and song names all while keeping the same link!

Get Right To The Action!

Sticky Buttons on Mobile for Quick Actions

On mobile devices we’ve added functionality to quickly access common actions at all times on the page. Now when browsing an engineers page you’ll conveniently have the ‘Book Now’ button available to you at all times! Additionally for engineers, when on your dashboard you’ll be able to quickly get to generating a booking link and once that’s ready sending them out is just as easy!

Getting paid and starting projects is now faster and more streamlined. We are thrilled to unveil this update designed to accelerate the booking process for audio engineers, artists, and studio managers. Streamlining our booking flows, not only speed up project initiation but also simplifies how you manage and modify project details, ensuring you get to work faster—and get paid faster.


  1. Matt Clark

    Not related to these new features, but more of a feature request. It would be great if I could override charging a client for a revision at my discretion.

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