Mix Fees: What Do I Charge?

Mix Fees: What Do I Charge?

For many indie musicians and producers, a hefty production budget is just not in the cards. But here’s the thing: investing in your craft is key if you’re serious about forging a long-lasting career. After all, you only get one shot at that first impression, so it’s wise to make your release as polished as possible. But what exactly do mix engineers charge per song? Let’s break down some price ranges.

You Get What You Pay For:

Here is a list of mixing engineer price ranges and what kind of quality you can expect from each tier:


This is the entry-level tier. Engineers here are typically fresh-faced, eager to build their portfolios. Quality may vary, but if their musical style aligns with yours, you might just strike gold with someone offering quality services.


Consider this the sweet spot for a wide range of engineers. You might stumble upon a seasoned pro in this bracket, but more often than not, you’ll find someone with intermediate skills still finding their footing. If their vibe meshes well with your music, take the plunge. Maybe start with a trial song to test the waters.


Ah, the zone most full-time engineers call home. In this range, you’ll encounter the bulk of indie music mixing engineers—both remote and in-person. Typically, you can expect stellar results here, unless someone’s overcharging for their expertise. Always comb through their portfolio, their Muso.ai profile and client reviews to be sure. This is the sweet spot for serious, independent musicians aiming for top-notch releases.


Here’s where things start to get interesting. Towards the lower end, you’ll find esteemed indie music engineers working with independent labels such as Empire. As you climb up the ladder, you’ll encounter folks working with bigger artists on major labels like Capitol or Warner Bros. They just may not be household names in their own right quite yet.


Sky’s the limit, folks. Once you breach the $1000 mark per song, you’re in a whole new ballpark. Prices here are tied to the engineer’s fame and the renown of their work. If you’ve got the means to afford someone in this echelon, consider yourself in good hands.


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