Features + Updates: Faster upload speeds, Discount Bulk Bookings, and more!

Features + Updates: Faster upload speeds, Discount Bulk Bookings, and more!

We are excited to announce some new updates to the EngineEars platform developed to improve and simplify bookings and the overall experience between you and your clients!

Faster Song File Upload and Audio Playback

Time is our most precious resource. Don’t waste it with slow Upload and Loading times.
Experience 10x Faster upload speed and 5x faster download on EngineEars today!



.mp3 / .wav download of your song files to playback in any environment

If your engineer enables download, instantly access an MP3/WAV of your songs file while in the approval phase to playback on any device before completing your Mix and/or Master with your trusted engineer.



Introducing Multi-Hour Discounted Bulk Bookings!

You can now offer easy one-click multi-hour bulk bookings on your EngineEars profile as a Recording Engineer and/or Studio!



Listen to the before & after (A/B) of your mix or master while on the lock screen

Simply toggle between your songs reference and final mix using our ground breaking A/B listening capability, even while on locked screen by clicking ‘Before’ or ‘After’ on your mobile device.



Use Apple Pay or Google Pay to check out

Set the deliverables, input details of the project, and select dates for completion.


More updates to come!

– Engineears Team


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